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Donate Your Preloved Furniture.
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Donate your furniture to DonateFurniture and give someone else the chance to love your old furniture.

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Donating Furniture Isn’t a Challenge Because We Make it Simple!

At DonateFurniture, we believe that donating your furniture should be as simple as possible. Why throw old furniture away when it can find a new home with someone who will truly appreciate what it offers. Disposing of furniture can be a challenge but our service aims to give you an option that can make a difference. Once you submit your application, we’ll consider it in a matter of hours. If your furniture fits our expectations in terms of quality, condition and safety, we will arrange a time to collect your furniture.

We will arrange a time with you and our professional team will take care of the furniture you no longer need. Even if you believe that your furniture is in a bad condition, give us a try, because we even restore furniture. Our aim is to breathe life into old, unwanted furniture, Used Furniture and give more people the opportunity to benefit from furniture that you no longer want or need.

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We’ll Take Care of Things From Start to Finish

We strive to make donating your furniture as simple as possible. Whether your unwanted furniture is taking up space or you no longer need it, we understand that you want it removed as quickly as possible. Whether you want your furniture removed from a single room or a whole property, we can take care of the process.

We will send a team of experts to your property to assess the furniture. They’ll check the condition, the damage and then determine what we can reuse and what will bring happiness to someone else. Our team will arrange a time and date and we will send a team of experts and our vehicles to remove your unwanted furniture. You won’t need to lift a finger because we will remove and transport your furniture to our premises. The process could not be quicker or easier!

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