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About Us

About Us

About Donate Furniture

At Donate Furniture, we want to end poverty because we believe that donation is the key to making a real impact on the problems we face. We place a focus on collecting unwanted furniture, enabling people to furnish their homes at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new. These small changes are making a significant impact on how people live and because more people are experiencing financial hardship, we want you to make a change with us.

We believe that furniture donation is the future for many reasons. It not only provides people with access to affordable, high-quality furniture but it also encourages upcycling which in turn is better for the environment. Everything we do is focused on making a change, this is why we offer free furniture collection throughout Central Scotland.

From a garage clearance to house clearance in Edinburgh or a need to dispose of old furniture, we want Donate Furniture to be the number one choice because we want to have a big impact on people, their lives and the communities around them.

Furniture Donation Service Edinburgh

We Care, So We Go Further

We recognise that second-hand furniture can become an integral part of anyone’s home. It’s not always about spending more money on the latest furniture but more about making use of used furniture that has been donated to us. Our service is designed to offer something for everyone and not just those who are experiencing financial challenges. Whatever your needs, we have a dedicated team that can collect your furniture donation and ensure that it finds a good home.

We are experts in ensuring all of the furniture we collect is fit-for-purpose, even if we have to carry out some furniture uplift ourselves. Our aim is to support, inspire and provide a feasible option that can help people when they feel as though they have no other option. We have made our service easily accessible for all and all it takes is to make contact with us because we’ll take care of the rest.

When you want to donate furniture, it should be as easy as possible. So, we remove the challenges that you would usually face and ensure your donated furniture can be used again and again.

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To discover how simple it is to use our furniture donation service, why not get a quote? In just a few clicks, we could be collecting your furniture and helping to put it to good use.